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The config file is located at “/tmp/system.cfg”. To edit the file, use VI.

vi /tmp/system.cfg

Once you have edited your config file, you must save it to flash:

cfgmtd -f /tmp/system.cfg -w

Once you have saved it you can reboot by issuing the “reboot” command or you can do a soft apply:

/usr/etc/rc.d/rc.softrestart save

Odstranění viru Skynet

cd /etc/persistent
rm rc.poststart
rm -rf .skynet
cfgmtd -w -p /etc/

Zapnutí short preamble

nový chipset u NanoBeam umí i short preamble.

XW.v5.5.6# iwpriv ath0 | grep pream
   shpreamble       (003E) : set   1 int   & get   0
   get_shpreamble   (003E) : set   0       & get   1 int
XW.v5.5.6# iwpriv ath0 get_shpreamble
ath0      get_shpreamble:1
XW.v5.5.6# iwpriv ath0 shpreamble 0
XW.v5.5.6# iwpriv ath0 get_shpreamble
ath0      get_shpreamble:0
XW.v5.5.6# iwpriv ath0 shpreamble 1
XW.v5.5.6# iwpriv ath0 get_shpreamble
ath0      get_shpreamble:1

mFI mPort

Pinout of connectors is described on http://wiki.ubnt.com/MFi-Custom_Sensors

How to remotely switch on/off supply voltage'

set 12V for 3 seconds on all ports stored in /etc/persistent/roleta

#set 12V
echo 0x152C70 > /proc/gpio/sr_val
sleep 3
#set 0V
echo 0x100000 > /proc/gpio/sr_val

invoked remotely by

ssh ubnt@ /etc/persistent/roleta

Examples are stored in /usr/www/mfi/ and all seems to be under heavy development

MF.v1.0.3# cat README

 A set of standard functions

Functions can be executed from CGI or the command line

Command Line Example:
 1) wget -qO- "localhost/digitalWrite.cgi?pin=0&value=1&debug=1" | cat

 2) cgi -q test.cgi

 3) Add first line to top of file
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